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Breast Implant Size Reduction on the Rise

They Don’t Need to be Bigger to be Better! Healthy is the New Ideal.

Breast size reduction

Breast Size Reduction on the Rise: They Don’t Need to be Bigger to be Better – Healthy is the New Ideal

Just like in fashion, plastic surgery trends are always evolving and changing. More recently we’ve seen a shift from big boobs to big butts. And with this shift, we’ve also seen a change in the size of the implants women are choosing. Breast size reduction is on the rise. So what does this mean? This means that while noon jobs (aka breast augmentations) are still very popular, the size of the implants that women are choosing are more commonly smaller than what women were choosing in the past. An increasing number of women are going with more natural looking realistic sized breasts, rather than going with gigantic “jessica Rabbit” implants.

Dr. Usha Rajagopal is a leading San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. She is dedicated to keeping up with current trends, and keeping her patients abreast to the ever evolving technologies, procedures and trends. In her reading, she came across a great article by Mary Cunningham as posted on Smart Beauty Guide addressing the new breast size reduction movement.

Here’s a preview of Mary’s article:


Cosmetic surgery provides patients with options and at least some degree of control when it comes to the shape of our body.


Breast implants have been popular for decades… countless women have sought to enhance their bustline through augmentation. Just a few years ago, mega-cleavage and a bolstered bosom were in. The mindset “bigger is better” has persisted for ages, with celebrities trading in demure décolletage for a strikingly curvaceous silhouette. The tides seem to be turning however – and while breast augmentation is still popular, if not more popular than ever, it seems that most women recognize that excessively large breasts can be a bit of a drag.




Mary brings up some very interesting points like how with extra-large breasts can comes a variety of fashion problems and even some health problems. A small busted women may have never experienced or even thought of the problem of finding shirts that fit a small waist and a large bust. They may have never experienced button gapping – something that haunts bustier women. Even things like how a seat belt fits to sleeping comfortably can be a daily obstacle for large-breasted women. Not to mention back pain that can be caused by large heavy breasts. A little body trying to carry disproportionately large breasts can bring a number of insurmountable if not comical challenges.


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