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Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

Medical tourism? What exactly does medical tourism mean? Well, let us help you. Medical tourism is the idea of traveling abroad to have any number medical procedures done. Why people may do this is that the cost of these procedures are cheaper in the countries they’re heading to. Perhaps it’s an elective surgery that their insurance company doesn’t cover. Or maybe a doctor abroad is offering a new treatment that isn’t approved in the USA yet. Still yet, it’s possible that people are just fed up with the American health care system and want to have a beautiful experience in a foreign land, all while having treatments done. It can be anything from dental work to cancer treatments. Cosmetic surgery has been a popular form of medical tourism for quite some time now. But is it safe? Is this really going to be a wonderful vacation, or is it going to turn into a nightmare? Dr. Usha Rajagopal found this article in her constant pursuit of staying educated and up with current cosmetic surgery news and trends. She hopes you’ll read this before packing your bags and heading to a foreign country to have major or minor work done.


Dr. Usha Rajagopal


Written by By Mary Cunningham as posted on Smart Beauty Guide, this article offers great insight on what you need to know if you’re going abroad for cosmetic surgery.


“Are you looking for aestheticprocedures beyond the US border? The option for less expensive cosmetic surgery can be compelling. I’m somewhat familiar with the desire for aesthetic procedures with a lower sticker price, since my aunt chose to have her second facelift in Mexico.


In many countries the cost of living is lower than it is in the US, which is a good reason why the cost of certain procedures may be less expensive as well. For those willing to travel, this could be a great deal all around, depending on the circumstances – and let me emphasize the circumstances.


READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE  to find out what exactly what Mary is implying when she writes “and let me emphasize the circumstances.”


Dr. Usha Rajagopal has some advice for you.

Remember that elective cosmetic surgery procedures are no less serious and carry no less risks than non-elective medical surgeries. Do your research. Make sure you are going to a properly credentialed surgeon, and that your procedure will be performed in a reputable hospital or clinic. Know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Think about the risks that your flights may or may not add to your recovery. But most importantly, remember no amount of money saved is worth your life. Take this seriously to take your life seriously.



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