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Hollywood & Cosmetic Surgery

Hollywood Cosmetic surgery


We love that society is more accepting of fuller figured women who look natural. Cosmetic surgery has been proven to enhance an individuals appearance. In previous years, there has been a stigma around plastic surgery. Now, it is common for mothers to consider cosmetic surgery and have mommy makeovers. The key to having a good operation is finding the right surgeon, that has the knowledge and experience in his or her field. At the San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, Dr. Usha Rajagopal has over 20 years experience in cosmetic surgery. She uses techniques such as fat transfer and fat grafting to create a more natural aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Dr. Rajagopal also performs Brazilian butt lifts instead of butt implants to create a more natural figure. We are happy to see celebrities who are supporting cosmetic surgery in society and the benefits of it.


Singer, Ashlee Simpson has the most recognizable rhinoplasty procedure done in Hollywood. Although Simpson does not admit to having the cosmetic procedure done, it is clear to see that her transformation is stunning and Simpson is the perfect example of how cosmetic surgery can enhance an individuals appearance.


“Live it up; go ahead and have it”
-Sharon Stone.


We are happy to see that society is more accepting of cosmetic surgery in this time and age. If you are considering having cosmetic surgery or fillers, please take the time to find a reputable plastic surgeon and practice. The results can be life-changing.